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Here are some common questions asked by parents/guardians.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please get in touch.

Please click below to see some information about your child’s time at RMOP

A day in the life at RMOP

There will always be a member of staff available at drop off and pick up times if you need to pass on any information or ask any questions about your child’s care.

In addition, RMOP uses both Tapestry and eyMAN to keep in touch with parents and carers.

Tapestry will include observations and photos of your child’s time at RMOP

eyMAN is used to contact parents, issue invoices and keep all the information about your child up to date (consents, emergency contacts, allergies etc).  You can also contact RMOP staff using the eyMAN messaging system.

Please download both apps to ensure you don’t miss any important information or messages.

If your child is unwell or unable to attend for any reason please let us know by calling our on site mobile number: 07368 223910

Please see this link for the guidance we follow relating to infection control.

Guidance_on_infection_control_in schools_poster

If your child will be attending RMOP over lunchtime you can choose to either pay for a school dinner from Broomhaugh First School or provide a packed lunch.  If you would like to pay for a school dinner please speak to a member of RMOP staff.

RMOP packed lunch guidelines

Packed lunches should include:

  • At least one portion of fruit and or vegetable (this could include a dried fruit)
  • A portion of protein – meat, fish or other source of non-dairy protein (e.g. lentils, chick peas, hummus)
  • A portion of starchy food such as bread (white or wholemeal), pasta, rice, noodles, breadsticks, rice cakes, oatcakes
  • A portion of dairy food such as cheese, yogurt, fromage frais
  • A dessert – just one (who doesn’t love a sweet treat after lunch?!) – preferably made with wheat, fruit or milk.
  • A drink – water, semi skimmed or whole milk or diluted fruit juice

Important: Please ensure that grapes and other food of similar shape and size are cut in half length ways due to high choking risk

Packed lunches should avoid:

  • Items of confectionery such as chocolate bars and sweets
  • Salty snacks such as crisps
  • Sausage rolls and pies should only be included occasionally (eg once a week)
  • Please no fizzy drinks

These guidelines are based on guidance from ‘The School Food Plan‘.

We recommend you use an insulated cool bag style container to store your child’s food.  Depending on any allergies that children attending the setting may have, we may request that you exclude certain items from your child’s lunch (e.g. products containing nuts in the event that we have a child with a nut allergy attending the setting).  For further information please speak to the RMOP Leader.

Please see the information below.

RMOP SUGGESTED KIT LIST updated sept 2018

We are an active outdoor preschool, and children will be outside in all weathers. Your child will be encouraged to explore different materials such as paint, glue, water, dough, clay and mud, often working outside and with other children. 

We know from experience, that your child will get messy and may get wet.  It is advisable that all children wear clothes that are ‘not special’ and that are easily laundered. They will get dirty and may be damaged during outdoor play.

Please dress your child in layers and provide tough waterproof outer clothing which covers the legs, and which fits over the top of everything else! See the links below for suggested stockists of waterproof clothing (these links will open in new tab:

Muddy Faces

Spotty Otter

You will also want to consider your child’s independence when visiting the toilet – please dress your child in clothes (and waterproofs) that they can easily undo and do-up. Press studs and buttons on trousers/jeans can be difficult for children to manage so elasticated waists are preferable; tights and dungarees can be particularly troublesome especially when a little one is in a hurry to use the toilet. 

We also recommend velcro fastening shoes as this makes it easier for the children to be independent when changing their footwear. We do not want to discourage children from learning to tie laces but, from experience, we know that children’s fine motor skills generally mean that they are not able to learn this until they are 5 years or over.  Snow boots/wellies and robust trainers/walking boot style shoes are the most suitable footwear options for our setting.  As your child will be wearing them for the majority of their time at RMOP they must feel comfortable in them.

We require that children do not wear ‘flip flop’ type shoes or open toe sandals and that they always wear socks. 

We ask that where possible, long hair is tied back however please avoid using ‘bobby pin’ style hair clips as they can be a choking hazard.